Warm Autumn Days

treeWell we had a lovely time on Sunday evening shooting our family photos at Founders Park in Anaheim.

Jhovany was so easy to work with and having his adorable daughter Sophia there with him proved to be the much needed entertainment for Mae.

I can not WAIT to see how all the photos turned out but for now, I am happy to stare at this one of Mae that Daniel took while we were in between shots.

I love this photo because you can see her tiny little pony tails so clearly and as always she is running towards me. ┬áBeing a Mom that works outside of the house sometimes I get jealous for all the time that Mae spends with her Grandma, Aunt and cousins, but at the end of the day when she runs after me and flashes her toothy grin, I melt, and I also remember that she will ALWAYS know I am her Momma ( even though she still won’t say it!)

I will look back on these images when I’m an old lady and remember how little and adventurous she was.

Ok, that’s enough for me…don’t want to start the waterworks!