1. Such a cruel tease! Come on, I’m in Uganda helping orphans–I think that should give me a pass on the shopping trip BUT allow me one photo of the ONE. And trust me, i will make up for the crying. I want to cry NOW just reading this post. I sure love your girl and that Daniel. And you to for that matter.

    (And I’m not just saying that to sweet talk you into sending me a photo…Honestly.)


  2. Oh Tina, you are pulling at my heartstrings! I will have to give this some serious thought.

  3. Anonymous

    This is such a sweet message to your daughter, Karen. I know the wedding is going to be lovely and Ashley will make a beautiful bride :o)
    Have you found a place for the reception yet?
    ~ Marian

  4. Karen for Jenny and Pearl

    I believe they are going to have the reception at Cornerstone FV. The patio area is being renovated so it will be beautiful!

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