1. oh Karen, thank you for posting this as school is coming soon. I am crying. This has been a hard subject, especially since we chose to live in a neighborhood where our kids are the minority, in many different ways). RRR’s school is not top notch, and trust me I have tried every angel to get her into a better public school but God seems to have us here. The school is 3 blocks away. RRR does fine there. But it is still difficult. Praying over my kids as I send them to school that God would move in our hearts and in the hearts of the teachers and students. I vow to stay involved because I have the time to do so. And provide RRR with the other creative stuff that she needs where her school lacks. Thanks again!!!!

  2. Cristina, I can completely relate. I had my children at the school closest to us for several years, mainly because I was unable to drive. I was heartbroken over sending them there but in hindsight, it was the perfect situation for us at the time.
    Do the best you can and leave the rest in God’s hands. He loves your kids even more than you do!

  3. Brittany Cleberg

    I LOVE this post! I went to public schools for 15 years and then attended Vanguard for 4. I learned a lot, saw a lot, and conquered a lot. I definitely agree with you. What worked for me will not necessarily work for someone else. Thank you for putting the merit back in the CHOICE! I’m so thankful we get to choose our education.

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  5. Thanks Brit! You have grown up to be a pretty awesome young lady.

  6. Timmarie

    We are homeschooling our oldest this year, but she will go to public school for the Project Ideal program once a week. Brody is going to public school, into a high functioning autism class, along with integration into a general ed class.
    I am a HUGE advocate for hybriding your child’s education to best meet their needs. What is best for one of my children will not necessarily be what is best for both!

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