1. Timmarie

    I have been reading your blog since you linked it, and I have loved every post. This one especially touched my heart.

  2. Love, love, love this family story. Having a child with special needs I can only hope that my son’s older brother shows such love as this family has shown. You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful hero in your brother and his family.

  3. Hey Karen .. I totally agree with all you said about Randy, Nadine and the kids. They certainly are a very special family with an amazing bond and love for eachother!

  4. They encourage me to be a more patient mom!

  5. Having walked with them through this journey with Caleb, I can echo pretty well everything you wrote, Karen! They are really an amazing family, and what makes them true heroes is that they sincerely have no idea what an example of a deeply committed Christian couple and family they are to so many of us.

  6. I know that a key to their survival has been their incredible friends and the support they give. Thanks for being one of those friends!

  7. I love the goal of loving extravagantly…wouldn’t it be a better world if we all did?

  8. Andrea

    Great job Karen…thanks for honouring Randy, Nadine, Megan & Josh…oh, and Kane. (:

  9. Randy

    wow Karen, thanks!!!!… you’ve blown me away here!!!… there are a few things that I’ve/we’ve learned in our Journey with Caleb…

    -he truly is a Special Boy and God has taught us lessons that I don’t think we would have learned if he didn’t have the challenges that he does…

    -I’ve heard it said many times over the years, “it takes a Village to raise a child” – that statement is even more true when it comes to raising a child with Special Needs – we really are blessed – we have AMAZING family & friends that are Journeying with us – we really couldn’t/can’t do it with out all of you!!!!…

    -we’re also learning to live one day at a time – easier said then done but we’re definitely on the road to discovering this…

    -one of the other things we’ve learned: everyone has a story – everyone has their own “cross to bare”… our Journey has it’s challenges but we also realize that everyone does – we’re all at different stages in our Journey… I look at the challenges that you guys have had/are having and I’m AMAZED!!!!… I look at your sister and her family and I’m challenged by their example of unconditional love as they’ve chosen to expand their family in-spite of the know challenges…WOW!!!!…

    We’re surrounded by HEROS!!!!…

  10. Yes, yes and yes! I love the extraordinary stories of everyday people.

  11. Anonymous

    The whole Mitchell family is extraordinary! Plus Randy can bbq a chicken like nobody’s business! We love them all very much.

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