1. I am a mother to a wonderful son Luke who has Asperberg’s Syndrome. While not in the category of being hyperactive – he does have his challenges with attention deficits and consequently a myriad of learning disabilities. He is a kind, gentle and loving son and I am so proud of him. I think the thing that touches my mother’s heart first and foremost is the fact that I was given the privilege of bringing this wonderful life into this world. And while not what I expected for my child a dear friend reminded me one day “God has a purpose and a place for Luke.” I love the fact that God doesn’t forget any of us! I am constantly amazed as I watch Luke grow into a young man and how he faces his challenges head on and with great determination.

    As Karen so eloquently said above, I too have felt the need for support and encouragement. So what could be better than friends, coffee, resources and encouragement!?

  2. Nadine Mitchell

    Shoot! I want to live in Orange County…so not fair! I am certainly in need of support and would absolutely LOVE this! I guess I’ll have to be apart of it via email…not quite the same but better than nothing. I’m the mom of a son with autism – not quite the same as ADD but hey, challenges are challenges. I just love to see women supporting each other…..this is a great thing Karen.

  3. Maybe they could do a webcam/skype session for those who don’t live in the area.

  4. Nadine…I wish you lived in Orange County too. We will definitely keep you connected!
    Daniel…you’re my techie. You can help me set that up!

  5. Anonymous

    Hi, My name is Theresa and I have three children with add/adhd. I am very blessed and they are wonderful, but life can be challenging. A friend sent me this link and she is a true answer to prayer. I thank you for doing this it is a wonderful idea. When and were do you meet? Thanks again for doing this.

  6. Theresa, I am SO happy we connected. Email me at karen@lightstone.tv and I will give you the particulars. I can’t wait to meet you!

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