Me Time – A Walk Through Peters Canyon



Happy Hump Day everyone! This is me Rachel and I wanted to share with you one of my favorite things to do- spend time alone. Being the middle of the week, I’m sure most of you are tired and are counting down the minutes until the weekend. But why rush through your week? Why not take some “Me Time,” turn your phone off, turn the music off, and just relax. Whether you enjoy running, walking, reading a book, or just sitting and watching the sunset, take an hour today to listen and watch the world around you. You might be surprised by what you find.


Hiking shoes and Peter's Canyon

How I spend my “Me Time” is hiking at Peters Canyon.

The Peter’s Canyon creek that my cousins and I would visit when we were younger. We would come down here from our grandparent’s house and hunt for crawdad and frogs.

Peter's Canyon trail

At Peter’s Canyon they have a variety of walking and hiking trails. You can either walk on the flat dirt path or build up the courage to climb “Big Red”, Peters Canyon’s largest hill.

Bench under a tree

A nice place to rest in the shade and watch people walk by. A place for you and your thoughts.

Willow Tree

A solitary willow tree along the trail

Peter's Canyon, Orange County, California

I love walking Peter’s Canyon at dusk and watching as the sun falls and the moon rises.

Yellow Flower

Remember, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!

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  1. Bud Franco

    I enjoyed looking at your pics. I ride my Mountain Bike there a few times a week. It’s nice that you have captured some of it’s beauty in your pics. Thanks for posting this.

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