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  2. I have to admit I laughed out loud at my desk!!
    I have a $300 gift certificate for a maid service that I’ve never used – its still good – trust me. I just don’t like other people cleaning my house that I would trade for one of your pieces of jewelry.

  3. I have NO PROBLEM letting other people clean my house! Pick the necklace, lady! It’s yours!

  4. Can I look at the pieces in person? I’m sure the pictures don’t do them justice. And BTW the gift certificate is for $330 not $300.

  5. Definitely. Call me at home and we can arrange a time.

  6. K – I looked at the pieces online again and I’m looking at “Working on a Chain Gang” and “These Aren’t Your Grandmother’s Pearls” or your mother’s pearls or who’s ever pearls. Those are my two faves. I called today. The gift certificate is still good. Let’s put the logistics in place my friend. I’ll give you a call.

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