1. Anonymous

    Sorry to hear you were here and we didn’t know it. I even saw Steph and Lance on Saturday – wonder now if they were on their way to see you. 🙂 I could have sent hugs!!!!

    My family had a 50th bday party for me and while I figured you couldn’t make it because you live so far away, had I known you were in town I would have had you all over for a meal and made it another party!! 🙂

    I’ll be down your way in October…. would love to come see you. Hug your sister for me – she is lucky to have you for a sister. (And vice versa of course.)

    love you both!!!
    lynda j (used to be hawkins)

  2. What a shame! Posted on FB that we were coming because we didn’t have phone #s. I’m so sorry we didn’t connect. That would have been a blast! Please call when you are down in October. Would love to see you.

  3. Ooooh, you middle child. As a youngest sibling, let me just inform you that Kathy is going to kill you! 😉

    Welcome home!

  4. Anonymous

    A wonderful gift that you have each other. You should make trips like this a habit! 🙂


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