1. Here’s my entry! I love the Mid-Century Red Wing Large Ovoid Bowl! ….but thats over the price isn’t it? 🙂

  2. But I also love the vintage cookbooks!! Very awesome!

  3. Anonymous

    I gotta say I’m w/ Nadine on this one, I too love the mid-century red wing large ovoid bowl! It would go fabulously with my everyday dishes!!! And boy could I use some serving pieces!
    -Kelly Hanson

  4. I have to agree with both of you. I spent a long time debating on whether or not to sell this but decided I don’t need another bowl…or do I?

  5. I like the French Poodle Salt and Pepper Shakers! very cute!

  6. I’m a follower through Google friend connect!

  7. I marked your store as an Etsy favorite (as SilkLotus)

  8. Anonymous

    I also love the red rooster drinking glass, too cute!!!
    -Kelly Hanson

  9. Anonymous

    Ok. Another like… those vintage baby blocks! My sister likes for baby room!!! -Kelly Hanson

  10. Kelly, I like your determination! You go girl!

  11. RRR would love these, Elephant Figurine Trio – Chubby and Charming Vintage

  12. I also have you down on my personal blog as following you and I linked you on our food blog!

  13. things I love at your store!!!

    Red Striped Tea Towel embroidered Fork Knife Spoon

    Cheery Checked Tablecloth – Red and Yellow (perfect for serving mexican food on 🙂 !

    Bright White Tablecloth and Napkins- Cornflower Blue Trim (LOVE)

    Sunkissed Southwestern Tablecloth (NEED)

    Child’s Chalkboard

    Cast Iron Griswold Griddle no.8 (would be awesome to make tortillas on!!)

    have been looking at this one for a while:
    Hand Wrought Aluminum Serving Tray Floral Design

    Depression Carnival Glass Gold Ruffled Bowl (LOVE)

  14. Anonymous

    Gosh, how did I scan over those adorable flower/candle holder frogs! So cute. I remember the first time my mother explained what these were. Good times stroling the antique malls in the Orange Circle!
    -Kelly Hanson

  15. Anonymous

    Oh goodness, I’ve got to have that cast iron griddle! It would be perfect for camping!!! ;O)
    -Kelly Hanson

  16. Anonymous

    Dang it, my favorite beach bag made by Lauren Grams now has a whole in it! And lookie here, you have an adorable straw beach bag sitting there waiting for an adorable buyer! ;O)
    -Kelly Hanson

  17. Anonymous

    Oh why not, mama needs a new set of mixing bowls and those pink & blue beehive ones are super cute!
    -Kelly Hanson

  18. Anonymous

    Well I’m out to win or at least give someone a run for their money – tee hee hee – Love me some Fiesta cream soup bowls too!
    -Kelly Hanson
    Thanks, Karen, this has been fun!

  19. Oh Kelly! You are making me laugh!

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