1. Anita Vaters

    That voice is mine??? Dad and I just listened to your first blog and had a good laugh. Well done Karen! I enjoyed your final written comments at the end, especially #1 🙂

    • How funny! I thought the same thing about my voice. Thanks for being my first guinea pig with the podcast mom! You’re the best!

  2. Evelyn Poirier

    That was so nice to hear this interview and bring me up to date of the happenings of years ago. We have not had much contact down through the years but I consider you Anita as one of my dearest friends. So happy that you and Albert have had such a good life together and that you have three beautiful children and now many grandchildren. The Lord has blessed you abundantly as you have been faithful to Him down through the years…. I do pray our paths will cross soon…The Lord Bless you abundantly…Evelyn

    • Evelyn, good to hear from you. I will pass along your comments to my mom!

  3. Bea Hoeft

    Hi Karen,
    That was so great to listen to you and your Mom. Yes, she is an Extraordinary woman and I feel blessed to have her for my good friend. I loved hearing about her life and her answers to your questions.
    Great job by both of you.
    Love, Bea

    • Bea, thanks for your sweet words. I know my mom treasures your friendship also. Love you!

  4. Nadine Mitchell

    I just love this idea Karen! I love the concept of extraordinary ordinary women!
    It was so nice to hear you and your mom ….it was like I was there visiting with you.
    Can’t wait to hear more!

    • Nadine, Wish you were here visiting! I love the idea too and have a few more interviews already in the works.

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