Don’t you just love New York in the fall?

I’m headed to New York at the end of this week for work and although I hate to be away from Daniel and Mae I do try and enjoy myself while I’m in the big city.  I’ve actually never been to the city in the fall and I am looking forward to seeing a little bit of this…




Doesn’t that just look incredible? Ah, if only I was going for leisure this time around!

And since the temperatures around here lately have been in the 80’s (Sorry, not sorry) I realized that I don’t have enough warm clothes.  I don’t leave until Saturday morning so I think I might try to get at least one pair of pants before I leave, but I am also planning on raiding the J&P closet for some sweaters, scarves and maybe even some boots.  I was thinking something like this for the plane ride



I can wear it with a thin tee, a pair of vintage levi’s and a great pair of boots.

I was also debating snagging something like this for the work events I am attending. It needs to be dressed up, but it’s a creative environment as well so I can have some fun with color and pattern



What do you think? With a black camisole and some black cigarette pants I think this could be a killer combo!

What are your fall wardrobe picks? If you follow us on Instagram and Twitter I will be posting all my NY updates so stay in touch!