1. Thankful for the opportunity to rejoice with you. Thanks for sharing your joy along with your sorrow. Faith is certainly a risky thing.

  2. Thank you friends! You are right about the risk. But I think it’s a risk worth taking.

  3. Anonymous

    I am so glad to hear that you are feeling well and no doubt, the Lord’s hand is on you. This comment reminded me of something Karl preached long ago and comes to mind whenever I am doubting God’s plan for me … Karl explained that it was a sin to not trust that the Lord’s promise to give good things to His children who love Him and even though we were not sure we believed it, to thank the Lord for His blessings and love for us, anyway. I could not possibly count all the times that this has gotten me through a difficult time, lifting me out of self doubt and fear.
    I pray the Lord will keep you healthy always and when this world creeps in and tries to steal our strength, I know the Lord will comfort you in ways that only He can :o)
    ‘Love you!
    ~ Marian

  4. Karen for Jenny and Pearl

    Thanks, Marian! The enemy is always there trying to plant seeds of doubt, but God is so kind and full of comfort.

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