1. Aunt Karen that was very goood.. I just love SAM.. he is soo cute..So glad to call him my cuz.. See you all at Christmas.. God willing.. xoxo

  2. Timmarie

    I am glad you have been able to get access to some great resources. Brody (our youngest) is on the autism spectrum, but doesn’t seems to display food sensitivities except to red dye. He does, however, have notable sensory issues. Thank you for sharing about Sam. And thanks, Sam, for letting your mom!!!

  3. Thanks T and Kim! I will pass along the love to Sam!

    Timmarie, would LOVE to sit down some day and share. It’s been too long.

  4. Hi Jenny , I’m Rod from the NZ Aspire trust which is a trust which supports children with Aspergers in education. I am the President and have Aspergers myself.I love your blog well done. I see it was made in 2010 though. How are things going now? nz.aspire.trust@mail.com

  5. Karen for Jenny and Pearl

    Rod, Thanks for your interest. We are still struggling in the food dept., but Sam’s doing well in junior high. He has a great support team at school and good friends at school and church.

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