1. Oh, they are so cute! We have 4 dogs and 2 cats and they can be handful, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. By the way, my husband does the same thing and talks “baby talk” to the pets.

  2. Brittany Cleberg

    I love this post. I’m an animal “liker” too. I would love to get rid of our cat and dog.

  3. I am in hot water with my daughter Rachel. NOT impressed with this post. And of course, the dog has been acting so sweet, following me around and making puppy dog eyes at me, making me feel guilty (sort of) for all the things I wrote.
    We’ll see how long she stays on her best behavior!

  4. I LOVED THIS POST!!! However, I am not going to apologize for bringing Skipper to you nor for the phone consultation regarding which breed of dog to look for at the shelter (I was unaware of her bra fetish)!!!:)

  5. Amie, I knew you would chime in. Our family does love Skipper (mostly) and the bra thing – I think we could make any dog a little crazy after a while!

  6. *Snort* I mean…er…I am so sorry!! ;O) We have 2 outside cats and that is, to me, the best way to have a pet!

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