A rant, a prayer


Do I serve the god of me?

As hard as it is to say…yes I do serve myself.  I am such a selfish person.

I think of what I am thinking and what I am feeling and what I deserve and am not getting.

The truth is, that I am already immeasurably blessed.  I couldn’t ask for another thing, yet my mind and my days are obsessed with what I want to have and how I want things to be.

Help me Lord, to not confuse my hard work and determination with a deep sense of dissatisfaction.

I want to surrender daily to self and strive to live as Christ.

Help me not to chase after the whole world while pure joy is sitting right in front of me.

Let me not chase control, as though that is something that I can attain.

Be glorified through every single step of my struggle.

Help me to no longer glorify busy-ness and run passionately towards simplicity.



  1. Nadine Mitchell

    Absolutely beautiful Ashley! What a great reminder – pure joy is already right in front of us!
    Also, asking for God to be glorified in every step of the struggle, most don’t believe that we should be struggling at all let alone God being glorified in it but for those of us who struggle all the time, I love the thought that God could be glorified in it.

  2. Tim Craig

    Ashley, this is beautiful, it touched my heart deeply… it is a great reminder not to be a self seeking person but someone who sees themselves blessed… thank you for sharing this heart warming thought… God bless

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