1. You are so blessed. And I am blessed to have you in my circle of friends. You are one of those friends I like to call my “balcony people.” Always in my balcony cheering me on. I love you my friend. I’m so glad our lives have reconnected.

  2. I escaped from Lakers Land tonight and decided to catch up with my friend. So a opened my version of a cup of coffee (a Diet Coke) and spent the evening reading every one of the blogs that I missed.

    Did you know you are one of my heros!? When I have a bad day and want to stay in bed with the covers pulled up over my head, I’m reminded of how you face the challenges life throws at you. Thanks for showing us all how to run the race.

    Thanks for sharing a few beautiful moments with me tonight! You are an inspiring and amazing woman.

    Love you all!


  3. Thank you dear friend! Would love to meet in person and do some catching up.

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