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  1. The Amputated Member…

    Attention all non-Catholics who “claim” to follow the teaching of Holy Scripture!

    Have you ever read 1Corinthians 12:1-31 before?

    Have you understood the message written therein?

    1. There is but one Body of Christ (vs 12).

    2. The Body of Christ is the Church which He founded, Ephesians 1:22-23

    3. Therefore the Church which Jesus Christ founded IS Christ.

    4. Therefore those who reject His Church, reject Him. Matthew 12:30

    5. Since there is but one Christ with one Body, so there must be but one Church. Psalms 127:1, Matthew 16:18

    6. The Body (Church) consists of not one member, but many (vs 14).

    7. The many members of the one (Church) Body are all part of the same Body but each with his own function (vs’s 15-20).

    8. The Body of Christ cannot be separated from His Head.

    9. Since the Body consists of members, individual members of the Body can be separated from the Head.

    10. GOD has said that there must be no discord within the Body (vs 25).

    11. However, there was great discord within the one Body, and it was a clear violation of verse 25.

    12. It is called the Protestant Revolt .

    13. Leaders and members of the Protest ant Revolt Amputated themselves from the one Body (Church) (vs 21).

    14. Each member of the Body has his own function, by analogy, an eye, ear, hand, foot (vs’s 15-18).

    15. Can a hand live by itself, disconnected (Amputated) from the Body, or can an eye, an ear, or a foot?

    16. What happens to a member which is Amputated from the Body?

    17. The soul does not go with the Amputated member, and thus the member dies.

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