Mae and Sophie 2

I should be working.  I watched Elmo instead.

I should be eating my veggies.  I baked scones instead.

I should be cleaning toilets.  I swept up Goldfish instead.

I should be doing laundry.  I changed diapers instead.

I should be productive.  I chatted with the girls instead.

I should be painting my kitchen.  I colored in a coloring book instead.

I should be weeding the yard.  I went for a walk instead.

I should be doing something important.  I wrote this post instead.

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Get Over Your Selfie!

The Today Show has a campaign that they’ve been running for some time now.  It is called “Love Your Selfie”.

Here’s my take on that – get over your selfie!

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You are not the center of the universe. (I’m speaking to the choir here.)

A full, rich life is spent in the service, care and love of others.

Don’t get me wrong.  There is a time for self-introspection and healing.  There are times when we are deeply, personally wounded and we need to call out to God and take comfort in others in order to find healing.

I have spent time in therapy myself.  On more than one occasion.

But self-introspection is a hamster wheel.  Once you get on it, it’s hard to get off.

So, get over your selfie.  Look around you for someone in need of a kind word or a caring gesture.  You will being doing the work of God and I promise, it will lift your spirit in a way that a pity party never does.

Then Grace

It started out differently, this post.  I thought I would predict the upcoming plague of locusts or the inevitable massive earthquake heading our way.  Perhaps it would be a tsunami or an outbreak of flesh-eating disease.

Cause that’s the kind of week we’ve had.

The emotional roller-coaster called surgery wasn’t enough.  Neither was the trip to the emergency room the following night or the endless other stresses that have assaulted me this week.  Just when I thought I could put up my feet and take a deep breath, it happened.




The first clue was the soggy puddle in the middle of my hallway.  After cursing the dog and banishing her outside, I began cleaning up her mess, thinking “Good Lord, how much can one dog pee?”

Before long, I realized, this is far more than a puppy puddle.  I opened the door to the hot water heater closet and discovered that after countless loads of laundry and too many steaming hot showers than I could count – sinks full of dishes and faces scrubbed at night, our faithful water heater had given up the ghost and was slowing dying.

I will spare you my frustration, the calls to the insurance company, contractor and plumber (to say nothing of the multiple texts to my brother-in-law).  Let’s just agree that it got ugly.

Ah, but then grace.

You know, the body of Christ sometimes is not a pretty thing.  We are often divisive, mean-spirited and critical.  But when we’re living our lives in God’s grace, it is a beautiful, wonderful, glorious thing.

And when you are on the receiving end of that grace, oh how it lifts your soul!

At a moment when I felt too beat down to even shed a tear, a few of God’s people, reached out to me, to us, to our family and reminded us that God uses flesh and blood people to pour out his grace and love to us.

That’s what released the dam of tears that has been building all week and threatening to blow.  The sheer wonder of grace and generosity.  It still brings tears to my eyes, thinking about it.  Thank you dear friends, for being God’s hands of blessing to this weary family.

Our spirits are lifted by grace.